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New fundraising idea

September 18, 2012


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been five months since Stick it to Cancer 2012, when I decided to hop onto a bicycle for the first time to raise money for Roswell Park Cancer Institute through the Ride for Roswell. The experience was humbling, to say the least. Watching the youngsters in my neighborhood riding around so care-free made me believe that I could accomplish the feat in no time, but it took me the entire nine weeks from Stick It to The Ride to full learn how to balance, pedal straight, stop without crashing and truly ride without a care in the world.

Once I completed the ride with my son, Billy, sister, Mary, and boyfriend, Patrick, on June 23, I put the bike away, which was a mistake. I really didn’t ride it again until Aug. 25, when Patrick and I were in Canandaigua for our Finger Lakes getaway. We found a wonderful path near Lock 29 of the Erie Canal, but the ride up the stony hill was like cycling up a wall. It was so steep, I felt myself first struggling to go forward but then hitting a dead stop and rolling backward. It was more embarrassing because there was a group right behind us that just powered on by … I felt so weak. We decided to relocate to a parcel of land that appeared to be flat from a distance, but as soon as my feet hit the pedals, I could feel the decline and I was rolling so quickly, I couldn’t move my feet fast enough to keep up. I ended up stretching my legs straight out and praying that I could maintain my balance until we hit a plateau, which we did an eternity later. It was a miracle I stayed upright.

There are many more stories such as this from the time period when I was learning how to ride for The Ride, and I’ve been transcribing a journal I kept in different notepads, in my email notepads and on my iPhone into one Word document. More than 50 pages and 16,000+ words later, it looks like I could put together a fairly interesting account of my learning to ride a bike at age 36, but my main goal in doing so would be to raise money for the Ride for Roswell next year. Would you buy a story like this if 1) It promises to be funny, 2) It embarrasses me a bit 🙂 and 3) A portion of the sales go to The Ride??


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