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As promised …

June 5, 2014

fb cover photo fall first ride april 2012

With every fall, we must rise and ride on. (Photo by Patrick McPartland)

   Here are a few blog posts I’ve added to the site. They are from my journal that I kept as I learned how to ride a bicycle to participate in the 2012 Ride for Roswell.

   The entries are very personal, but I’m hoping that sharing the information will be helpful to someone out there.

   Here are the links for posts I’ve added so far. More posts and some photos will follow 🙂

Survivorship: What a ride:

Riding on a mission:

Riding on the past:

Riding on ambition:

Riding on persistence:

Riding on perseverance:

Riding on determination:

Riding on caution:

Riding on faith:

Riding on publicity:

Riding on compassion:

Riding on empty:

Riding on hope:

Riding on self-confidence:

Riding on progress:

Riding on love:

Riding on success:

Riding on survivorship:

   BLANKET DISCLAIMER: The writings in the links above comprise an account of my experiences with lymphedema, cancer, exercise and lifestyle choices to maintain my personal health and weight goals. No part of this account should be taken as medical advice, and each reader should consult his or her physician before beginning, changing or ending any treatments, exercise routines or diets.


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