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Keynote speaker?!

August 30, 2014



This past week has been a whirlwind of activity and news. First and foremost, Patrick and I got married! What a wonderful day full of family, friends and love!!

As you have read, part of our mini-honeymoon is the Walk for Lymphedema and Lymphatic Diseases on Sept. 14 in NYC. Well, I received an exciting call a few days before the wedding. The organizers of The Walk, the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, asked ME to be a keynote speaker! I’m humbled and floored to have been chosen!! I can’t wait to share my story in the hopes of raising awareness of this condition.

Here is the blog post I was asked to write for LE&RN’s website:

In the meantime, I congratulate all the walkers and sponsors, and I encourage patients to keep fighting for answers.



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  1. Fantastic… Have a great day and will be thinking if you all from Australia

  2. stickittocancer permalink

    Thank you!

  3. Ida Shapira permalink

    You are a brave and active proponent for fighting for lymphatic disease cures. I commend you and plan to make you my role-model. Have you considered vascular lymph node transfer surgery? If so, I’d appreciate your sending me sources to investigate (i.e. names and contact information). God bless you and keep you strong and healthy!

    • stickittocancer permalink

      Thank you!

      I have just begun reading about this surgery. I’m not sure that my insurance will cover it, but it’s still very intriguing. I don’t have contacts right now. I would suggest you follow the Facebook page My Lymph Node Transplant for resources.

      Here’s and article I found really interesting:

      • Ida Shapira permalink

        Much obliged for the article link. Moreover, I have read the Facebook page “My Lymph Node Transplant” which was indeed insightful.
        We are in contact with Dr. Corinne Becker, a surgeon in Paris who is a pioneer in this type surgery. We hope to visit her for a consultation toward the end of October. I shall keep you posted if you have any interest.

  4. Karen Miltner permalink

    Lisa, I run a monthly lymphedema support group in Rochester, and was wondering if you would be willing to be a speaker for one of our meetings to talk about your experience as a lymphedema and cancer activist. I’ve read some articles about you and think you’d have some great stories to share with our group. Please email me.

    Some info about the Lymphedema Awareness Network of Rochester:

  5. Thank-you for recognizing the problem. A diseased lymphatic system. For it is *quite, very, unbelievably, excetra* rare for someone to come up with this. As you can see from Karen Miltner’s request, you have hit on something that is quite true.

    I am wondering if you would allow me to be a guest writer for you or whether you allow guest posts.

    I own I am a certified lymphologist. I have written articles for Vitality Magazine, The Canadian National ME/FM/CFS Org., The Well being Journal of America, The Hippoicratic Health Org in Florida, Yoga Magazine and probably a couple of others…

    I think there is quite a bit of misconception regarding what I do and how to do it. I can assure you at bodybgood, we have it right. We know how to mobilize the lymphatic system *correctly and properly* to achieve 100% body detox.

    So when you say diseased lymphatic system, we think you have this right. Can we convince you to investigate us more and allow us some grace?

    • stickittocancer permalink

      Thank you for your comment!

      Currently, I am not really updating this blog, so I’m not really looking for a guest blogger. I am the secretary of the NY Chapter of LE&RN (the Lymphatic Education & Research Network). Perhaps the information you hope to share would be more suited for them. You’d certainly find a wider audience there.

      Their website is at If you like what you read, please feel free to contact them through their “Contact us” links.

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