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A little change can make a difference

August 20, 2017

With less than a month left until the Walk for Lymphedema and Lymphatic Diseases (#LymphWalk), I’m finalizing my fundraising endeavors and transferring all the donations to the website.

hotsauce82017Those who have read my past posts understand that since September 2016 I have been embarking on “The Year of Change,” a twofold fundraising project. Part one is that I simply have been collecting change in a gallon-size hot sauce container. The pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters have come from several sources, but much of it has been found around my house, particularly when kids and the hubby leave shiny coins on tables and floors or in pockets 🙂 I filled it quite a bit today. My husband, Patrick, has a coffee can into which he is supposed to toss only quarters, but over the past six or so months, he’s been tossing everything in there (today, I found a Kentucky pin in there!). So this afternoon I spent an hour digging out the cheaper change, and to the right you will see how much fuller my hot sauce container is as a result! I will be collecting the change until Sept. 5, when we will cash it in and add it to the #LymphWalk fundraising page at–

Part two has involved collecting refundable bottles and cans from family and friends and cashing them in for the nickels. Thank goodness those can/bottle redemption centers exist now! We’ve returned 2,620 cans/bottles ($131) already, and we’ll be doing another collection and cashing that in Sept. 5. Labor Day weekends should net us a good amount of nickels!

At $636 raised so far, I’m not doing bad, but I always wish I could do better. Truth be told, I probably will never be fully satisfied with my contributions … I often wish I could win the lottery or something so I could give a large chunk to my favorite groups, especially the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (, which sponsors #LymphWalk. But for now, I do what I can without totally annoying my family and friends 🙂


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