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It’s fundraising time AGAIN!! :)

UPDATE: Did you see our video announcing the winner??? If not, visit here!

I’m baaaack, and I’m raising money again this year for Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo and the Lymphatic Education & Research Network! This year’s fundraiser is a 50/50 being run through GoFundMe. Check it out here!!


Still spreading the word…

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my lymphedema. I have to say it’s mostly because things have been going pretty well. While my left leg will always be plumper than its counterpart, I am happy to report that I’ve found a treatment method that is helping me maintain the size of the leg so that the disease does not horribly affect my everyday life.

Since November 2014, I’ve been using a pneumatic compression device from Bio Compression Systems that has been such a great tool in managing my lymphedema. While I still must wear a compression stocking 24/7, I do not have to wrap my leg with compression wraps anymore. I use my pneumatic pump daily for about an hour per session, and then I’m off. While the numbers fluctuate based on how active I am and even on how cold or humid it is outside, I’ve maintained a great loss of fluid over the past year-plus. I’m really happy with the results.

Here is a link to a testimonial I did for Bio Compression Systems:

I must note that my experiences may differ from other patients, and this testimonial is not designed as medical advice. Everyone must discuss treatment options with their own providers and be evaluated on an individual basis before starting any new treatment method.

I also am still working with the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, helping to develop the New York State Chapter as its secretary and to continue to raise awareness about lymphedema. We’ve added more states, so check it out:

Don’t worry if you don’t see your state yet … we are adding more until we hit all 50! In the meantime, feel free to join the conversation in a neighboring state!

Finally, there is something we all can do to bring awareness to this disease. Several groups, including LE&RN, are calling for March 6 to be declared World Lymphedema Day. Please sign the petition and support this worthy case:

It’s time to fundraise again!

Next Sunday (June 28), it will be a year since I held my bridal shower fundraiser for the 5th annual Walk for Lymphedema in NYC. Since then, I’ve been honored to be a charter member of the NY State Chapter of the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, which sponsors the Walk. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to bring patients of lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases resources and a chapter where they can find others who understand their struggles.

I’m sad this year because my husband, Patrick, and I cannot swing the cost of attending the Walk in person on Sept. 19. Our hearts will be there with the hundreds who will once again cross the Brooklyn Bridge to raise awareness about lymphatic diseases and money for much-needed research. We will, however, be there in spirit, as we are doing our virtual walk. We’ve created the team SwellingWithHope to do our part to raise money and to remind our family and friends that this disease could hit anyone, especially those who have surgery or treatment that involve the removal of lymph nodes.

To support our team and raise money for LE&RN, please visit our page:

Again, thank you so much for your support!

It’s Lymphedema Day!

I marked Lymphedema Awareness Day by writing my heart out in the Buffalo News. Hoping to help somebody out there who suffers in silence, who suffers without knowing why.

Keynote speaker?!



This past week has been a whirlwind of activity and news. First and foremost, Patrick and I got married! What a wonderful day full of family, friends and love!!

As you have read, part of our mini-honeymoon is the Walk for Lymphedema and Lymphatic Diseases on Sept. 14 in NYC. Well, I received an exciting call a few days before the wedding. The organizers of The Walk, the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, asked ME to be a keynote speaker! I’m humbled and floored to have been chosen!! I can’t wait to share my story in the hopes of raising awareness of this condition.

Here is the blog post I was asked to write for LE&RN’s website:

In the meantime, I congratulate all the walkers and sponsors, and I encourage patients to keep fighting for answers.


As promised …

fb cover photo fall first ride april 2012

With every fall, we must rise and ride on. (Photo by Patrick McPartland)

   Here are a few blog posts I’ve added to the site. They are from my journal that I kept as I learned how to ride a bicycle to participate in the 2012 Ride for Roswell.

   The entries are very personal, but I’m hoping that sharing the information will be helpful to someone out there.

   Here are the links for posts I’ve added so far. More posts and some photos will follow 🙂

Survivorship: What a ride:

Riding on a mission:

Riding on the past:

Riding on ambition:

Riding on persistence:

Riding on perseverance:

Riding on determination:

Riding on caution:

Riding on faith:

Riding on publicity:

Riding on compassion:

Riding on empty:

Riding on hope:

Riding on self-confidence:

Riding on progress:

Riding on love:

Riding on success:

Riding on survivorship:

   BLANKET DISCLAIMER: The writings in the links above comprise an account of my experiences with lymphedema, cancer, exercise and lifestyle choices to maintain my personal health and weight goals. No part of this account should be taken as medical advice, and each reader should consult his or her physician before beginning, changing or ending any treatments, exercise routines or diets.

One month left

With only one month to go until the big event, we’ve hit 100 baskets for the regular auction. I can’t express how truly grateful I am to my family and friends and to the businesses that have so generously given.

When I was tossing around ideas for my next “project” before deciding to hold Stick it to Cancer instead of a bridal shower, I thought about writing a book about my experience with learning how to ride a bicycle for the 2012 Ride for Roswell. Since this thought a few years ago, I have written a lot. I turned a journal into chapters, cleaned up the writing, chose some of the Lisa-approved photos that Patrick so patiently shot as I was learning and even began the layout process. Nearly two years later, I’m still not sure if publishing a book is the right thing to do. I get stuck in the thought: “Who is going to care?”

Of course, those who follow me in cyberspace care, or otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! But for the wider audience, I’ve decided that a better idea is to use this already-established forum to share the Ride for Roswell story. Even if it helps just one of you, I know it was worth sharing! Maybe someday, when I’m more financially able to take a chance with real publishing, I’ll issue it to a wider audience.

Over the next few days, I’ll post the “chapters,” hopefully where they belong in the timeline of this blog. As I do, I will add the links to this post so the story is easy to follow.

Thanks again to everyone for all your support. See you next month!